• The Supercharged Hormone Diet -Softcover

    The Supercharged Hormone Diet -Softcover

    Bestselling author Natasha Turner returns with a follow-up to her phenomenal #1 bestselling first book. New York Times Bestinller The Supercharged Hormone Diet gives us the information we need to get our hormones back on track in thirty days flat. The...
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  • The Hormone Diet Book -Hardcover

    The Hormone Diet Book -Hardcover

    The Hormone Diet is the first diet book to: 1. Describe the importance of healthy hormonal balance for men and women of all ages and stages of life; 2. Balance all of the hormones that influence weight - including insulin and our sex, stress and mood...
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  • Wellness Tracker

    Wellness Tracker

    Getting and staying balanced requires you to be committed, organized and motivated. To help you in all three of these areas, Clear Medicine has the Wellness Tracker Booklet, with great tips, a goal setting section and a complete diet diary for the month...
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  • The Carb Sensitivity Program -Hardcover

    The Carb Sensitivity Program -Hardcover

    If diet after diet has failed you it's not the calories, it's the carbs! Bestselling author Natasha Turner is back, with a revolutionary discovery about the carbs that make and keep you fat. With her carb rehab program you can repair metabolism so that...
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